For over 49 years Sugarman Auction Corp has helped bridge the gap between buyers and sellers around the country. We are a national asset management and disposition company, offering customers end-to-end solutions for buying and selling all types of commercial and personal assets.
Our corporate mission is to: assist seller’s with achieving the best possible results in the selling of their assets. We strive to maximize the highest potential value for all assets by out-marketing and out-performing our competition. Sugarman Auctions markets for larger crowds, stages more organized events and has higher standards in professional auction performance.
Sugarman proudly assists buyers with purchasing items that normally would be rare and hard to find, not to mention our items are affordable at the auction and similarly prohibitive to purchase in the retail sector.

Since we perform an auction nearly every day, we conduct many unique and “one of a kind” auctions. You never know what new treasure you will discover at a Sugarman Auction! We also have many auctions with more ordinary business assets. We are regularly assisting business owners with their inventory needs. Whether it’s a Furniture Store, Art Dealer or a Restaurant Equipment Dealer many local business leaders find their new stock at the auction.

After rebranding in 1999, Scott Grasso has brought the vision to build a strong company with a dedicated team of experts. Our firm features trusted sales professionals each with years of experience in their industry. We have specialists in many fields including estate evaluations, food service equipment, art and décor, tile and marble, commercial tools and machinery as well as sports and celebrity memorabilia.

We have merged our onsite live auctions and our online selling platforms to bring our auctions to the masses. The major distinction between our company and our competition is the large volume of sales we perform. The business volume allows us to collect a sizeable amount of business data which we convert into large pools of buyers that attend our auctions. The success of a sale is based on the quantity and quality of bidders that attend.

When it comes to buyers or sellers, we have a commitment to first-class customer service. Sugarman Auction Corp is trusted nationally because we make buying and selling easy, efficient, fair, and transparent.