Online Registration


In order to register to our online auctions first you must go to and follow the instructions under the “Sing Up” button. Once that is completed you can browse through our auctions at the link listed below.



The approval criteria differs from website to website, most of it has been automated and will only turn away bidders on the website’s banned list of bidders, or bidders who have not finished the registration process by providing a credit card to be attached to the respective account.

Some websites like Auctionzip requires some manual approvals to bidders who don’t have a strong history of bidding with the site. Manual approvals are done a day before the auction starts and a subsequent round right before the auction begins.



This may occur if the bidder has been flagged by an auction company, the main reason for this failing to pay an invoice within the time allotted. If you wish to find out the reason for the block, please contact the website in question (e.g. Proxibid) in order to find out which auction house has flagged the account.